We co-invest and then work really hard

We love marketing, sales & partnerships – we also love early stage companies. So we combine those two passions via our Operator-Immersive model – which allows our portfolio companies to outpace their peers and our partner VCs and Investors to de-risk their investments.


We are an anomoly

We target 3 – 5x returns in 3 – 5 years for our Limited Partners.

We co-invest with top-tier Venture Capital firms to identify Seed stage B2B Vertical SaaS startups with diverse exit potential. After we invest, we step into each investment to apply our 30+ years of entrepreneurial & operational expertise. This allows us uncommon insight into our portfolio companies – along with the opportunity to guide that growth.

In addition, because of our focus on developing and leveraging partnership ecosystems as a GTM channel for our portfolio companies, we create natural acquisition optionality alongside more typical liquidity targets.

This means more options and better returns for you, the investor.

In Revenue Capital
In Revenue Capital contributes 20% of each investment we make.

Our money is on the line right alongside our investors. We know the value of capital – and we also know the value of operational expertise – so we put both to work to achieve outsized returns.

We’re in this together.

I trust In Revenue to find great opportunities, but also to help shape the success of the organizations we invest in. They take 'hands-on' to a new level.

Scott R.
Limited Partner

Our Sweet

The 80% of successful startup exits occur via acquisition, not IPO.

We despise the ‘Fund Dynamics’ that govern most VC firms – we avoid these by investing through SPVs or ‘Special Purpose Vehicles’. This means we raise funding specifically for each deal we participate in.

Because we focus on B2B Vertical SaaS startups who understand the value of both efficient growth, and focused outcomes, we don’t just aim for “more”. We aim for the best target outcomes for the founder and our investors alike. We’re not the standard VC ‘hammer’, and therefore everything doesn’t just look like a nail.

In Revenue Capital
We Partner with Great VCs & Seed Stage Startups
  • In Revenue:
    • .01 Invest only when the deal is 100% aligned to our investment thesis
    • .02 Ensure that our specific Operator Immersive model is a fit for the target CEO and their organization
    • .03 Desired exit strategies per investment
  • Investor Syndicate:
    • .01 Pick and choose the deals they want to participate in
    • .02 Avoid tying up capital awaiting capital calls
    • .03 Create liquidity in a target of 3 - 5 years, rather than the Venture standard of 10 years+

    In Revenue Capital’s Managing Partners also participate right alongside you in each investment, at 20% of each deal. We have skin in the game – a lot of it.

The Issue

We partner with the best, in order to bring you the best

Our own GTM model focuses on partnering with the best VCs to get you access to the best deals & then pre-design exists.

Partnering with well-aligned Venture Capital firms opens our deal aperture massively, while allowing them to de-risk their investment via our Operator-Immersive model. It’s a win-win equation that allows you to feel confident you’re getting access to best-in-class investments that have the highest potential to deliver not only aggressive, but consistent, investor returns.

The work In Revenue has done with Pitstop is accelerating the growth of that team in a short amount of time. I highly recommend working with them.

Vasant Kamath
Partner at Noro-Mosley