Go from ‘advisory’ to Operator Immersive growth.

Not only do we invest in startups — we participate in them.

Operator Immersive Capital
The Issue

The days of high-level advisory are behind us. All too many founders secure seed funding only to stumble when they go to market.

We help our portfolio companies bridge that chasm.

Product-Market fit is a critical stage, but most stumble because they don’t reach Go-to-Market fit. We help our portfolio companies bridge that chasm with the necessary knowledge and guidance to graduate and scale. The Operator-Immersive model provides both seed-stage funding, as well as the expertise and support founders truly need.

Operator Immersive

The In Revenue Model

Venture capital is broken—but in all the ways that VCs want it to be. In Revenue’s model is different.

We focus our investments in the industries we know. Our partners have built the GTM engines for over 4000 B2B high-growth and enterprise companies. Vertical SaaS is our wheelhouse and GTM is our playground. We are disciplined in our approach, investing explicitly in B2B vertical SaaS and AI solutions. Then we roll up our sleeves and do what traditional VCs won’t and can’t do – we operate alongside you and your team, building a strong GTM foundation.

Venture capital must provide more value than capital alone.

In Revenue Capital
Our Commitment

We’re Operators.

We’ve been where you are, but also where you’re going.

We’ve been where you are, but also where you’re going. When we invest, we don’t just contribute capital – we contribute real blood, sweat and experience. We’re one part Chief Revenue Officer, one part Revenue Operations, and one part counselor/confidant. We know go-to-market is hard but it’s also all we do.

  • Former Founders & Operators

  • Serial Entrepreneurs

  • 20+ Years in SaaS

  • 2.5B+ In Successful Exits


Ecosystem-led growth is the future, and its name is Nearbound.

Repeatable playbooks are the intersection of rubber and road.

If there’s one thing the last two decades as operators have taught us, the path to efficient growth means creating efficient routes to market. Ecosystem-Led Growth is the future, and its name is Nearbound. We’ve helped thousands of B2B organizations find GTM fit and scale their revenue playbooks through the creation and activation of partner ecosystems.

In Revenue Capital
We bring that same operator expertise to each of our portfolio companies to help them:
  1. Harden ideal customer profile.
  2. Create efficient routes to market via ecosystem led-growth.
  3. Build and scale the sales motion.
This process typically takes four to six months, we then remain with you as an active and engaged advisory network, and often board participants. Our team is there when you need us throughout your growth cycle.
Investment Criteria
  • B2B Vertical SaaS

  • 250k – 1.5MM ARR

  • Product Market Fit

  • North America

  • Partner Ecosystem Potential

  • Path to Profitability

  • Operator Immersive Fit

  • 1 – 3MM Seed Equity