Matt Doyon on a 3-Step Methodology to Accelerate Performance

Does success in B2B sales come down to having a natural aptitude for it or having the right training? According to Triple Session CEO Matt Doyon, this isn’t an either or question. It takes both. Matt says proper sales training often falls off after the initial onboarding process is over – and that’s a huge mistake, especially when it comes to building teams capable of seeing long-term success.

Over the years, Matt developed a 3-step methodology to power his own sales performance. On this episode of The Cheat Code Podcast, he joins co-hosts Justin Gray and Josh Wagner to break it down. The best part? This methodology can be applied anywhere beyond sales. During their conversation, they also touch on strategies for overcoming sales challenges, the importance of collaboration, and the significance of ongoing improvement in the business landscape.

Several takeaways include:

  • Prioritizing collaboration for sales efficiency:
    Recognize the importance of collaboration between sales enablement, sales leadership, and operations. Each group brings unique strengths. Combining their efforts creates a force multiplier for sales efficiency.
  • Improve through intentional coaching practices: Focus on technical, professional, and personal skills for sales professionals. Prioritizing one specific area for improvement at a time creates a structured and measurable approach to skill development.
  • Shift from Traditional Management: Move away from traditional sales management styles that might focus solely on pipeline or have unstructured skill-building conversations and, instead,  embrace a more systematic and accountable approach to ongoing improvement.

To learn more on enhancing collaboration, navigating revenue challenges, and implementing effective coaching methodologies for sustained success, listen to the complete interview here.