Judd Borakove on How To Prepare for Your Partner Motion

Today’s guest is a dynamic go-to-market leader who is passionate about partnerships. He’s the Ted Lasso of business growth and a strong partner motion advocate. Judd Borakove is a Partner at Red Monkey Consulting and Co-Host of GTM Unfiltered. Judd joins Hosts Josh Wagner and Justin Gray to discuss how to prepare your organization for properly implementing the right partner motion, why speaking with the same language and terminology is a key part of a successful partnership, and what can happen when partnerships go wrong.



  • The foundation of any successful partnership is thorough preparation. Understanding mutual goals, aligning on expectations, and clarifying the roles each partner plays are essential steps before launching into a partnership.
  • Partners must align on nomenclature and communication. Clear communication is critical, along with a shared language. Misinterpretations can derail partnerships; hence, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding goals, expectations, and terms is vital.
  • When identifying potential partners, look for those who share your customer base, complement your offerings, and where both parties can provide mutual value. Strategic alignment on business goals and customer focus can significantly amplify the impact of the partnership.
  • Providing partners with the right tools, resources, and support is fundamental. Successful partnership management involves empowering partners to succeed, which, in turn, drives your own success.
  • Regularly revisiting the partnership’s goals, performance metrics, and the value delivered to both parties helps in making informed adjustments and improvements over time.
  • Partnerships have the power to significantly influence brand perception. Ensuring positive and productive partner experiences is paramount, as this reflects on your brand and can accelerate growth.

Quote of the Show:

  • “The one thing that I have found that expedites the growth in partner and gives the type of returns they want is the upfront preparation.” – Judd Borakove


  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juddborakove/
  • Website: https://www.redmonkeyconsulting.com/

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