The Cheat Code w/ Ted Purcell on the Return of Relationship Selling

In today’s market, relationship selling has become a key driver of success. While digital tools and automation have dramatically sped up how business is conducted, the pace has led to saturation and fatigue. This is why building genuine relationships is such a critical differentiator – trust and meaningful connections matter. According to Ted Purcell, CRO at Tealium, building authentic relationships calls for focusing on the customer and giving buyers “maximum respect”. In fact, his maximum respect approach is a personal “cheat” he’s leaned on for years to propel his career forward.

In this episode of The Cheat Code Podcast, Ted joins hosts Justin Gray and Josh Wagner to discuss the evolving nature of sales teams, building teams and finding the right roles in them, as well as which qualities are required to succeed in fast-paced B2B sales environments. Ted shares insights on cultivating a consultative approach, why “intentionality” matters, and why credibility is an essential trait in sales professionals. He also shares personal experiences that have directly shaped his career trajectory and leadership approach. Lastly, he explains why curiosity, passion and humility can help leaders adapt to different markets and selling environments and forge long-lasting connections with colleagues and customers.