Sangram Vajre on Being Intentional with Every Opportunity

Sangram Vajre’s career journey can be summed up in a few acronyms: MA (Marketing Automation), ABM (Account Based Marketing), and GTM (Go-to-Market). You may know him from Pardot, Terminus, Flip My Funnel, or GTM Partners – there’s hardly any conversation happening in the B2B world without Sangram being a part of it. He says he’s leveraged his “cheat” of being intentional with every single opportunity in every role he’s inhabited, from marketing expert to entrepreneur, and as a speaker, podcast host and best-selling author.

In this episode of The Cheat Code Podcast, hosts Justin Gray and Josh Wagner ask Sangram about which factors have shaped his personal growth alongside his entrepreneurial mindset. Sangram talks about taking on uncomfortable challenges, not having a Plan B, and why he thinks it’s critical to embrace opportunities and be highly intentional with them, no matter what stage of your career.

Sangram shares some key advice, including:
● Focus on Early Career Exploration: The first 10 years of one’s career is a period for self-discovery. Sangram encourages individuals to try various roles, take on uncomfortable challenges, and focus on learning and personal development rather than seeking immediate financial gains.
● Humility and Faith Can Shape Career Choices: Sangram shares personal experiences, including a challenging period in his marriage, which led to a faith journey. He discusses the transformative impact of recognizing the need for humility and the importance of staying grounded in the face of success.
● Embrace a Forward-Thinking Mindset: Sangram advocates for a forward-thinking mindset and the willingness to move on to the next challenge after achieving success. There’s a lot of value in continuously looking ahead and setting new goals rather than dwelling on past accomplishments.
● Intentionally Build Community: Sangram’s success with Terminus is attributed in part to his ability to build a community and movement around the Flip My Funnel concept. This highlights the significance of community engagement and movement-building as integral components of successful go-to-market strategies.

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