Rob Rebholz on Automating Partnership Outreaches

Rob Rebholz is the CEO and Co-Founder of Superglue, a VC-backed partner engagement platform for SaaS companies. Rob is also the Co-founder of Optilyz, Europe’s leading direct mail automation software. In this value-packed episode, Rob joins Hosts Justin Gray and Josh Wagner to dive into the value automation can bring to partnership programs. Rob shares the importance of processes, the need to keep a regular communication cadence with partners, and how personalization is the key to making strong connections.


  • One of the best cheat codes for a successful partnership program is to use automations. By automating workflows, recurring processes, and outreach, you create smoother more effective interactions between panthers and sales teams.
  • While having entrepreneurial employees may seem like a plus, it can’t compensate for a lack of solid procedures. With a solid playbook for touch points and partnerships, you can scale quickly.
  • While PRM’s offer a lot of value and excitement, they require your partners to train themselves on a system that needs manual input. Through automation you can reduce the workload of a partner, allowing them to spend more time building relationships.
  • A good partnership requires intentionality. Rather than asking your AE’s to make the most out of a vague overlap, start with the deals that are stuck in the pipeline, identify the strongest partners, and provide AE’s with automation to make a connection.
  • Partnerships require a regular cadence of contact, else you run the risk of becoming back of mind. Through automation, you can tie partner outreach to the last time of contact, enabling engagement workflows when a certain duration has passed.
  • Strong relationships are built on relevance, and partnerships are no different. Through the use of scaled personalization and automation, teams can expect to see up to three times higher engagement on their messaging.

Quote of the Show:

“Even if you don’t implement automations, you need a source of truth.” – Rob Rebholz


  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robrebholz/
  • Website: https://www.superglue.io/


  • Optilyz: https://optilyz.com/

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