Natasha Vernier on Considerations Before Choosing a Co-Founder

Bringing on a co-founder – let alone selecting the right person – is a monumental decision for an entrepreneur. The appeal is there, especially knowing another leader would take some responsibilities off your plate. But as you pour in time, effort, money, and emotions into your business, even minor misalignments can become big headaches (and very expensive break-ups).

In today’s episode of The Cheat Code Podcast, hosts Justin Gray and Josh Wagner welcome Cable co-founder and CEO Natasha Vernier to discuss her experience adding a co-founder to grow and scale the all-in-one financial crime effectiveness testing platform.

Natasha shares what motivated her to bring on a co-founder, as well as considerations and conversations she had to vet whether it was the right decision and right person. She also offers advice to other founders on building a successful co-founder working relationship, how to navigate difficult conversations and ways to stay aligned.