Cory Snyder on Moving from Quantity to Quality Mindset

Tune in as hosts Josh Wagner and Justin Gray sit down with Cory Snyder, Head of Partnerships at Teamwork.com. Cory brings 15+ years experience in creating, launching, accelerating and scaling partner & sales orgs. Together they discuss Cory’s experience building partnerships and advice for moving from a quantity to a quality mindset. Notedly, Cory was awarded Partnerships Leader of the Year in 2022 by PartnerStack.


  • Data Collection and Application: Cory discusses the critical role of data in shaping their partnership strategy. By collecting detailed information about their partners, such as industry focus, team size, and sales metrics, they can tailor their outbound strategy and optimize partner recruitment. This data-centric approach also helps in communicating effectively with the board and executive teams, showcasing progress and making informed decisions.
  • Building from Scratch: The discussion highlights the challenges and strategies involved in building a partner program from the ground up. Cory stresses the importance of having executive alignment and clear communication of goals and methodologies to ensure support and understanding from the top.
  • Strategic Partner Profiles: Identifying and targeting specific types of partners is crucial. Cory explains how understanding their partners’ customer base and services allows for more effective partnerships.
  • Utilizing Technology and Continuous Improvement: Cory discusses implementing tools like Gong for keyword alerts and PartnerStack for automating workflows, which allowed his team to scale efficiently. Continuous learning and adaptation are vital for sustaining and growing the partner ecosystem.

Quote of the Show:

“I feed those that feed us. It’s very simple. It’s very clear. At the end of the day, if we’re willing to work together, whether it’s co-marketing activities, whatever it is, I will feed who feeds me.” – Cory Snyder


LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/corysnyder/

Website: https://www.teamwork.com/




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