Lauren Goldstein on Why Momentum is a Force Multiplier for B2B Success

According to Winning By Design’s Lauren Goldstein, maintaining momentum is a key driver of success in the B2B space. She’s so certain of this that harnessing momentum has become her own personal “cheat”. It’s also sage advice she gives to B2B leaders seeking to stand out from their counterparts and propel their business forward.

Lauren joins co-hosts Justin Gray and Josh Wagner on this episode of The Cheat Code Podcast to unpack the power of momentum. They discuss common “momentum killers” in business, tips for avoiding unnecessary stops and starts, and ways to maintain a continuous flow of progress. Lauren breaks down why momentum does not require non-stop grind, and why leaders should foster an encouraging company culture to boost positivity and keep team members aligned and motivated. Lauren shares how partnerships can increase momentum and impact, and help organizations achieve joint success.

BONUS: Lauren is a co-founder of Women in Revenue, a 501c3 nonprofit organization which serves 7,500+ members in revenue generating roles across marketing, sales and customer success. For more information to join or get involved, visit www.womeninrevenue.org.