Joe Henderson on Building Long-Term Partnerships

In this episode, hosts Josh Wagner and Justin Gray sit down with Joe Henderson, the current Head of Partnerships at ProsperOps. With over a decade of experience in the global partner ecosystem, Joe shares his invaluable insights on the importance of building long-term relationships in business.


  • Focus on Long-Term Relationships. Joe emphasizes the importance of prioritizing long-term relationships over short-term transactions. He believes that approaching partnerships with a mindset geared towards longevity can lead to more valuable and sustainable business outcomes.
  • Setting Expectations Early. Setting clear expectations from the outset is crucial. Whether during the interview process or when onboarding a new partner, it’s important to communicate that building successful partnerships takes time.
  • Document Everything. Documentation not only helps in tracking progress but also ensures that the value of partnership activities is communicated effectively within the organization. Documentation serves as a record that can justify the time and resources invested in partnerships, especially when immediate results aren’t visible.

Quote of the Show:

“My cheat code is a mindset of long-term relationships over short-term transactions. Even that first call or that first meeting with a partner, think of it as like you’re going to have a long, fruitful relationship and even possibly work with that person, maybe at your next gig.” – Joe Henderson


LinkedIn: ​​https://www.linkedin.com/in/joehendo/

Website: https://www.prosperops.com/


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