How Company Culture Shapes B2B Customer Success – Part 1

In Revenue Capital

Keeping customers happy is key in today’s fast moving B2B world. Sure, having a great product, top-notch service, and competitive pricing helps, but there’s one secret that often gets overlooked – company culture. More than just a set of values on a poster, company culture is what drives how customers feel about your brand.

Breaking Down Company Culture’s Impact
Company culture is the attitude that runs through a company, and it’s powerful enough to even have more influence than the actual product or service you’re selling. After all, people connect with people, and a good (or bad) company culture can make or break a customer’s experience, no matter how good your product is.

So how does this play out? Read on for several ways company culture shapes customer success:

Empowering Employees to Step Up
When a culture trusts and empowers employees, they’re more likely to take charge and solve customer problems. When your team’s all about putting the customer first, it shows, and customers notice.

Putting Customers at the Center of the Action
To really nail that customer-first vibe, everyone in the company needs to be on board. Tracking Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and customer satisfaction should be a team effort, not just left to the customer success squad.

Hiring and Firing Based on Company Values
Wise leaders develop a list of core values to help guide their hires. It ensures that everyone that comes on board shares the same commitment to putting customers first, creating a consistent and awesome customer experience.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers
When your team is fired up and engaged, it shows in how they treat customers. They’re willing to go the extra mile, and that directly impacts the customer experience, all thanks to the culture you’ve built.

Now that we’ve explored how company culture shapes customer success, in Part 2 we’ll delve deeper into the reciprocal relationship between customer success and culture.