Doug Landis on Building a Strong Network – Season 2: Partnerships – Episode #26

Today’s guest brings a wealth of experience from nearly three decades working in the go-to-market world. Doug Landis is a Growth Partner at Emergence Capital. Doug joins Josh Wagner and guest host Sean Kester to discuss how building meaningful relationships is a powerful tool in the business world. They delve into the importance of “giving a shit” and how being genuinely interested in people will nurture relationships leading to robust networks over time. They also discuss how these connections further boost career prospects and deal opportunities as well as influence personal and professional decision-making.


  • Maintaining and nurturing your connections and relationships is vital to a successful career. Among many benefits, doing this can also lead to potential referrals and job opportunities.
  • Picking up the phone and calling people has become a lost art. Phone conversations can establish deeper relationships, but it is crucial to be prepared for a lengthy discussion or to leave meaningful voicemail messages.
  • Rather than using a ‘take first’ mentality, use the ‘give first’ approach to help build strong networks. Offering value and assistance before expecting any benefits can create a meaningful relationship.
  • It’s key to remember that every interaction you have within your network makes up your personal brand. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure positive and beneficial interactions are part of your personal brand.
  • Taking the initiative to reach out, maintain, and nurture connections in the network, even if it’s just a quick check-in, can significantly strengthen your network.
  • Be intentional about finding community. Utilizing LinkedIn and other social media platforms can be an excellent method for networking. Try spending at least an hour a day commenting on others’ posts and creating meaningful engagement.
  • The strength of your network reflects the depth and breadth of your experience and the effort you put towards nurturing your connections.

Quote of the Show:

  • “My cheat throughout my life and throughout my career has been connections.” – Doug Landis


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  • Website: https://www.emcap.com/


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