Derek Grant on Setting Expectations to Manage B2B Sales Teams

AdPipe’s Derek Grant has a long track record of success in sales and leading sales teams. He attributes this to his “cheat” – setting expectations and holding people accountable. Not only does setting a clear bar empower teams, it helps everyone stay on track to meet and exceed goals. But, there’s no such thing as setting and forgetting expectations. Derek and his team rely on weekly data check-ins to oversee progress and spotlight where trouble might be brewing.

In this episode of The Cheat Code Podcast, Derek chats with hosts Josh Wagner and Sean Kester about his formative experiences at Salesforce, Pardot and Salesloft. He shares the six leading indicators his team tracks and how these help inform his coaching style to different salespeople. The group discusses how early-stage founders should establish expectations and the value in allowing employees to redeem themselves. Derek also shares actionable advice for listeners, including how founders can leverage their stories and transition from being the face of the sales process while staying involved.