Chris Moody on Unleashing the Power of High Value Offers

Inboxes are full. People aren’t picking up the phone. There’s noise everywhere. So, how do B2B startup leaders and sales professionals differentiate themselves in the marketplace and foster meaningful connections with prospects and customers? Demandbase’s Chris Moody says it comes down to high value offers.

In this episode of The Cheat Code Podcast, hosts Justin Gray and Josh Wagner speak with Chris about educating startup founders on creating high value offers based on their expertise. Chris shares why engaging and personalized interactions stand out, especially those that go beyond product knowledge and demos. They also talk through best practices, real examples and why success from high value offers usually stems from understanding the needs and pain points of their prospect and offering relevant solutions.

Chris shares all of this in a style that is uniquely his own, armed with an engaging personality, Chris also peppers in stories from his life that have reinforced and armed his business outlook. From the dark (almost being shot) to the inspirational (beating cancer), Chis is the poster child for living life to the fullest by blurring the lines between professional and personal, interest and insight – this is one to check out on a drive home for sure.