The Cheat Code w/ Craig Podcast on the Power of Referrals

Strategic decisions. Consistent effort. Valuable connections. Intentional referrals. Building a successful business – and reputation – requires all these and more. The payoff is worth it, as these tactics can benefit B2B leaders at any stage of their business journey.

Hosts Josh Wagner and Justin Gray welcome Craig Rosenberg to the podcast to learn how B2B startup entrepreneurs can set themselves up for long-term growth, personal fulfillment, and a thriving business ecosystem by embracing these practices. Between Craig’s work at TOPO, Gartner and now Scale Venture Partners, he’s an expert at building relationships and being a helpful resource. In this episode, they discuss the importance of consistency with your connections, the power of meetings to stay engaged with the market, why building trust fosters positive outcomes in the long-run and how referrals build strong networks and open doors to new possibilities.