The Cheat Code w/ Jill Rowley on Becoming an Evangelist

When people in the B2B space think of evangelism, they think of Jill Rowley. A veteran of Salesforce, Eloqua, Oracle and Marketo, Jill is an influential figure in the tech industry and has more than 20 years of extensive experience in marketing automation and MarTech. Interestingly, she never actively pursued the role of an evangelist. Instead, Jill’s deep industry expertise, experience, and network naturally propelled her into the position – and she hasn’t looked back since.

In this episode, hosts Josh Wagner and Justin Gray welcome Jill to The Cheat Code Podcast. They discuss why evangelism is so relevant to B2B startup founders and leaders today, including that it calls for visionary thinking, identifying better ways of doing things, and building a collaborative community. Jill shares how sales professionals can create lasting partnerships and drive sustainable business growth by nurturing trust and prioritizing the customer experience. And beyond sales enablement, they discuss the importance of instilling evangelism in startups, including through early hires who possess an entrepreneurial mindset and align with the founder’s vision. Finally, they talk through the differences between influencers and the future of creators, individuals actively involved in their community and committed to generating valuable content.