Bob Moore on Digesting Data Exhaust

In this episode, hosts Josh Wagner and Justin Gray dive into data-driven partnership strategies with Bob Moore, co-founder and CEO of Crossbeam. Bob shares insights on leveraging data exhaust to drive go-to-market success. He discusses the transformative power of ecosystem-led growth, the importance of aligning partnership and go-to-market teams, overcoming the challenges of scaling partnerships, and real-world examples of how data-driven strategies lead to higher ACVs and faster deal closures.


  • A cheat code to a successful partnership is to make effective use of data exhaust. By tracking which customers you have in common and which accounts partners have closed within the past 60 days, you can better pair with partners.
  • Building partnerships in a network requires a joint approach for success and scaling. Emphasizing self-serve onboarding facilitates rapid growth and value creation, allowing for easy integration.
  • Understanding the balance between scale and ecosystem DNA is crucial for business success. Companies should evaluate their position on this two-by-two matrix to leverage ecosystem strategies effectively.
  • When building out partner programs and dashboards, prioritize turnkey solutions over custom analyses for maximum value. Understanding what works for others and simplifying processes can lead to better insights and efficiency.
  • Understanding the balance between sourced and influenced attribution is crucial for optimizing sales funnels. Focus on analyzing propensities and strategies rather than strictly attributing outcomes to individual touchpoints
  • Buyer behavior has shifted due to the API and cloud economy, emphasizing the importance of interconnected ecosystems over individual software tools. Success is not just about flashy interfaces, but seamless integration into existing stacks.
  • Partner teams play a crucial role in establishing connections between companies, but the true value is realized by the go-to-market teams who drive sales and marketing efforts.

Quote of the Show:

“I feel like every complex problem in the world can be answered with a 2×2 matrix.” – Bob Moore


  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertjmoore/
  • Website: https://www.robertjmoore.com/
  • Website: https://www.crossbeam.com/
  • Book Link: https://a.co/d/9t7L8aV


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