A Q&A from Nearbound Summit 2023

The Cheat Code Podcast co-hosts Justin Gray, Josh Wagner and Sean Kester recently took the virtual stage at the Nearbound Summit 2023 to share valuable insights and real-world experiences on the world of B2B partnerships. In this episode of the podcast, the trio address a number of questions from the conference audience.

Several highlights include:

How to Navigate Single-Threading Challenges
Single-threading is a persistent issue in partner organizations. While there are countless complexities involved in building and sustaining partnerships, it’s important to prioritize adaptability, resilience, and to consistently demonstrate value.

Avoiding Misalignment and the Sourced Revenue Focus
Misalignment can result from an overemphasis on sourced revenue, which is why it’s a good idea to prioritize top-down partner fit, cultural alignment, and the creation of customer-centric solutions, and steer away from focusing on immediate revenue gains.

Tips on Adapting to Bureaucracy and Remaining Relevant
Bureaucratic structures present headaches in large organizations. The hosts highlighted the importance of proactivity, staying relevant, and adapting to change in a landscape ripe for disruption. They touched on the obstacles posed by stringent partner programs and the potential for disruptors to face disruption themselves.

The Truth About Partnership Horror Stories
There will always be instances where partnerships veer off course from initial agreements. But expectation management and communication can help teams avoid potential disconnects.

Differentiating Strategic Relationships vs. Logos
There’s a big distinction between strategic partnerships and those solely driven by logos. Avoid labeling partnerships based solely on the appeal of logos, and instead emphasize tangible, revenue-generating activities.

Listen here to hear the entire Q&A.