Max Altschuler on GTM Partnership Strategies

Hosts Josh Wagner and Justin Gray sit down with Max Altschuler, General Partner at GTMfund. In this episode, Max shares insights on category creation, leveraging creative marketing tactics, and the importance of maintaining a scrappy, resourceful mindset. Together they explore how partnerships and constant innovation can drive remarkable growth and competitive advantage.


  • Revenue-Centric Mindset: Max emphasizes that revenue is the ultimate metric of success. While MQLs and SQLs are important, aligning all efforts towards driving revenue is crucial for achieving team goals.
  • Innovative Marketing Tactics The episode highlights that regular innovation and refreshing tactics are necessary to stay ahead of competitors and maintain effectiveness.
  • Strategic Partnerships Max underscores the value of building deep integrations and partnerships with complementary companies to enhance product value and mutual growth. These partnerships provide a leg up in sales cycles and open doors within target accounts.
  • Scrappy Execution Effectively utilizing limited resources for impactful marketing and sales initiatives, such as leveraging personal networks and creative problem-solving for product launches and events, is key to continued success.

Quote of the Show:

“In sales, one of the things that is part of your job description is to become a hero maker, to take your champion and turn them into a hero internally, but also give them value outside of that for their own career.” – Max Altschuler


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxaltschuler/

Website: https://www.gtmfund.com/


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